Okay but

is it bad that I have a gay ship for almost everything? Nahhhhh. Because I kind of low-key ship Poe and Finn [Star Wars]. And Marsh x Gumball [Genderbent Adventure Time]. And Inaho x Slaine [Aldnoah.Zero]. And Icchan x Hachiken [Silver Spoo]. And Jean x Marco [Attack on Titan]. And Levi x Eren [Attack on … Continue reading Okay but

1986 Songs

We all have our taste in music, granted. Rap, pop, acoustic, indie. But you know what I fucking love? Bon Jovi. Not the latest albums, oh no honey. Slippery When Wet. Those 1986 songs are my shit. Put that on the radio while we're driving and I will love you forever. -Wrath

OTP Prompts

I'm still in Spanish. My teacher is doing absolutely nothing. I'm doing absolutely nothing. Except imagining gay guys in certain situations. Don't blame me, another sin is sending me a million otp prompts and I just -Wrath