Supernatural: WTF MAN [Spoilers Ahead]

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I have a slight binge problem when I watch Supernatural. But it’s not exactly my fault. I’m on episode twenty two of season five. Yes. That one. It sucks man. “Swan Song” is the worst and best episode in my opinion so far.

Spoilers below this

I love angst in shows. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. And Supernatural takes it up to a whole ‘nother level. When Sam loses to Lucifer and not only makes Castiel COMBUST and snap Bobby’s neck [i cri], but messes up Dean so bad while the poor bab is trying to get to Sam, I was honestly happy and internally screaming. Well, internally meaning I tried to make it internal. It was not.

Anyways, I loved that stuff. But there’s something bothering me. I know that Supernatural likes to burn chick flick moments with either Dean’s denial of the moments or Castiel’s misunderstanding of human phrases, [Sam: Take care of them, okay? Cas: That’s not possible. Sam: Humor me, please. Cas: OH, this is where I’m supposed to lie. They’ll be fine, don’t worry.]  but it also has it’s fair share of the touchy touchy stuff as well. For instance, I found it strange that it wasn’t Dean per say that ‘unlocked’ Sam’s ability to fight back Lucifer for a moment, but the small toy soldier lodged in the ash tray of the Impala. Of course Chuck explained why this was important throughout the episode and it showed little flashbacks of fetus Sam and Dean [I love the smol baby Winchesters], but I prefer to think that these adrenaline rushes are normally caused by someone of importance, not memories of them. Unless they’re dead, in which case is not what happened here. Now this is just a rant post so you can ignore this, but this struck me as odd coming from Supernatural. The show where every character dies and comes back like seventy two times and afterwards everyone is alright with it. [Cough cough] So it doesn’t sit right with me. However, I’m not a stickler for these types of things and I have to unpause this episode so I can listen to the rest of Chuck’s gravelly voice narrate. I still tremendously enjoy everything in Supernatural [Especially the Destiel moments :^>] including these off-track things that the creators throw in. So, to all the fellow SPN fans, I salute you and good luck with your rewatching of the eleven seasons they have on Netflix and to all of you that can watch it normally [not me sobs].


[also the picture isn’t mine]



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