Berns ern Nerble

Er mah gherd I’m going to Berns ern Nerble on Thursday

And I already have it planned out. I’m going to spend exactly $64.81 on manga, tax included. Down to the last fucking penny.

I was recommended six different manga series, so I was way too excited to get them and did some math to make sure I had enough for the first book in each series. Gangsta [Kohske], Persona 4 [Shuji Sogabe], No.6 [Atsuko Asano], Seraph of the End [Takaya Kagami], Devil’s Line [Ryo Hanada], and Are You Alice? [Ikumi Katagiri]. Ahhhhh I praise Fing Fong the Fish for blessing me with the people at my lunch table. All my fellow sins are fucking great.

Honestly, I wasn’t actually interested in manga or anime until around the beginning of last year. When I got to this new school, it was a completely foreign thing to me. And then one of the sins from the lunch table dragged me over to where they sat. Best day ever.

Anyways, I was just spazzing and wanted to put this news somewhere. -Wrath


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