Okay but

is it bad that I have a gay ship for almost everything? Nahhhhh. Because I kind of low-key ship Poe and Finn [Star Wars].

And Marsh x Gumball [Genderbent Adventure Time]. And Inaho x Slaine [Aldnoah.Zero]. And Icchan x Hachiken [Silver Spoo]. And Jean x Marco [Attack on Titan]. And Levi x Eren [Attack on Titan]. And Saitama x Genos [One Punch Man]. And Satoru x Kenya [Erased]. And Nagisa x Karma [Assassination Classroom]. And Haruhiro x Manato [Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash]. And Keith x Lance [Voltron Legendary Defender].

I now have at least one enemy in each of those fandoms. Great.

You can’t stop me.

{Picture is not mine.} -Wrath


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