So I haven’t done what I said I’d do…

Because you know, no lunch table stories.  I guess I should do that. Yeah. Lmfao this started off great XD

Anyways, so a few days ago at the lunch table all the sins were talking when some random guy walks by. He pauses and asks, “Are you gay?” just to all of us in general because I think he heard out conversation about all our gay ships. Yuri!!! On Ice, Aldnoah.Zero, Black Butler, Shingeki no Kyojin, etc. etc. And we all turn to face him. And there’s on eperson at my lunch table who we all silently count on to get rid off people like this. So they turn to him and shout, loud enough for probably enough people to hear, “Dildos.” Silence for a minute. Then he starts quickly speed walking away while I snort.

This is the official welcome to my blog about my lunch table I guess jfc


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